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Money Management and Financial Tips:

With the looming IRS tax deadline on April 18, it’s not uncommon for Americans to experience financial stress. How people handle that stress can have an impact on overall health, says the Nebraska Psychological Association (NPA). Stress related to tax deadlines and finances in general can increase reliance on the unhealthy behaviors many people already use to cope with everyday stressors. NPA warns that regularly engaging in unhealthy behaviors to manage stress can lead to long-term, serious health problems.

Scared of opening your loan statement because of how much interest has accumulated? Can’t stop wondering what not-so-great reports from Wall Street mean for your 401K? Money problems are stressful, especially when there’s not enough of it — or you fear there won’t be enough of it in the future.

“Go with your gut.” That’s what a wise journalist once told me when I was a young writer at Money magazine having trouble meeting a deadline. Parenting isn’t all that different. A host of issues — navigating the emotional minefield of middle school, limiting screen time for adolescents and grappling with questions about drinking and drugs in the teen years — can come up at a moment’s notice, and then force us to follow our kishkes (Yiddish for “intestines” or “guts”).

  • Did you know that 47% of Americans cannot cover an emergency expense costing $400 or more? SAC Foundation understands this dire need and has an online, self-help financial education tool called KOFE to help provide basic money management fundamentals. Check out this FREE resource by clicking the link below!

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