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Money Management and Financial Tips:

Dreaming of handing in your notice at work and joining the ranks of the retired? Retirement can be wonderful — if you're prepared for it. So before you put an end to your career, it's essential to make sure you're 100% ready. Not sure how to do that? Taking these five steps can put you on the path to a happy and secure retirement.

Teach your kids the value of money so they can protect their financial future.
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Now’s the time to check in on your financial plan. Here are four steps to take and save money before the end of the year. If kids can get organized for the start of school, adults should be able to do something similar with their finances. The beginning of fall is the perfect time to revisit your financial wellness and make some changes before the end of the year, experts say.

  • Did you know that 47% of Americans cannot cover an emergency expense costing $400 or more? SAC Foundation understands this dire need and has an online, self-help financial education tool called KOFE to help provide basic money management fundamentals. Check out this FREE resource by clicking the link below!

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