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When you send money to people you do not know personally or give personal or financial information to unknown callers, you increase your chances of becoming a victim of telemarketing fraud. Here are some warning signs of telemarketing fraud—what a caller may tell you.

A sobering truth is that older adults are oftentimes the target of costly scams. It makes perfect sense: they tend to have a more robust nest egg. What’s more, they might not know how to go about reporting such a crime, or might be embarrassed to be the target of a fraudster. In turn, they aren’t as likely to report it. Scams targeting the elderly are rampant and come in many shapes and sizes. Here are just a few of the most popular examples, with tips on how to avoid falling victim.

Retirement can be defined as achieving financial independence in the third stage of life - typically after age 62 when you can claim Social Security. There’s also a rapidly growing movement around FIRE (Financial Independence Retirement Early) where people aim to achieve financial independence and gain complete control over their scarcest resource, their time, at a much younger age.

Fathers shape their children’s financial life. To that point, 56 percent of people said their fathers influenced their retirement savings and 62 percent said their retirement plans are similar to their dads’ strategy, according to a John Hancock Retirement Services survey of 1,007 Americans adults conducted in late April.

Here at the Currency Academy, our mission is to have fun while learning about U.S. currency. If you haven't heard of currency before, it's another word for money. Sometimes people call paper money other things, like banknotes, notes, cash, and bills. Have you ever thought about how the bills in your pocket are designed? There's a lot of amazing art, cool science, and interesting history that goes into American money.

When asked to complete the sentence "If I knew then what I know now" with what they'd have done different financially, those who offer financial advice and solutions to consumers each day provided the following fatherly advice -- from the head and the heart -- for people beginning their financial journey.

Ah, summer. Now that the sun is out and the kids are home from school, it’s prime time to enjoy family vacations and backyard BBQs. However, you’ll also want to review your finances to make sure your bases are covered. In turn, it’ll help you stay on track with your money goals.

The school year is winding down, but learning doesn’t have to! Check out five ideas for fun summer activities to share with families that use coins to promote summer learning.

When Lauryn Luther earns money she is careful to set aside 15 percent in a rainy day fund right from the start. She also saves another 15 percent in an interest-bearing account for big expenses down the road, like college or a car. She then commits 30 percent to charity and spends the last 40 percent mostly how she sees fit - whether that's on toys, a book or her favorite candy. She's a 10-year-old. Lauryn is one of a growing number of children who have learned about money by enrolling in a summer camp focused on financial education.

Ace your first year in the "real world." It's so important to start your post-college life on the right financial foot. The money decisions you make today could benefit – or haunt you – in the future. Here are 15 financial steps to take your first year after graduation.

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