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Money Management and Financial Tips:

Whether you are newly enlisted or have years of service under your belt, owning a home can be a great investment but it also can cause financial stress and difficulty if you have to move at a moment’s notice.

All working Americans need retirement savings, regardless of gender. But the need is particularly strong for women, since they have a tendency to live longer than their male counterparts. They're also more likely to require paid care at some point — as a spouse may not be around to provide care. It's therefore unsettling to learn that women are only saving about half as much as men for the future. In a recent Student Loan Hero study, women had an average of $45,614 socked away for retirement, whereas men had $90,189. That sort of gap could put women at a severe disadvantage later in life.

Ah, sweet freedom. If you’re about to head to college for the first time, then you’re probably already getting excited about the idea of being out on your own. You’ve got so much to look forward to, but your new adventure comes with greater responsibilities, too – especially where money is concerned. Budgeting for college students isn’t easy, but it’s worth the effort. Creating a budget now can help keep you from racking up unnecessary debt as well as save for future goals (spring break, anyone?).

  • Did you know that 47% of Americans cannot cover an emergency expense costing $400 or more? SAC Foundation understands this dire need and has an online, self-help financial education tool called KOFE to help provide basic money management fundamentals. Check out this FREE resource by clicking the link below!

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