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Equifax, one of the three major credit reporting agencies in the U.S., recently announced a data breach that affects 143 million consumers. While the data breach was made public last week, the actual issue appears to have occurred between mid-May and the end of July (2017). Whether or not your information was exposed, SAC Federal Credit Union wants to assist you with reducing the risk of Identity Theft. Here are some tips and best practices you should consider taking:

Emma Johnson never expected to be a single mom. But while she was still pregnant with their second child, she and her husband split up. At the time, she was caring for their young daughter and working less than 12 hours a week as a writer. A low point, she remembers, was sitting on the wood pews of Queens County Family Court in New York filling out a petition for child support, as she hadn’t gotten any yet and her bank balance was dwindling. Like some of the other newly single moms there filling out similar petitions, she was broke. But she was determined not to stay that way.

Waiting until December to make charitable donations or start moving money between various accounts to save money on 2017 taxes can present several obstacles. Transactions at investment firms can get delayed in December as people barrage these firms with such requests as year-end stock gifts to charities, and some non-profit organizations can also take weeks to process any major gifts. Employers can also get bombarded with year-end activity like last-minute payroll or tax-withholding change requests.

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