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Picture the stereotypical millennial. What comes to mind? Are you seeing a 20-something who still lives in his parents’ house, plays video games all day and (if he has graduated from college) has mounds of student debt? Maybe he’s texting his friends that his dream job just won’t open up, and he can’t believe no one will loan him the money for a car while he tries to invent the next killer app. Surprise! In reality, millennials are the largest generation in the work force, and recent studies of financial habits show they are excelling in one major area—saving money.

If you're in the market for a new car, there are more than a few dealerships that would be happy to help you over the next few days. The three-day weekend, capped by President's Day on Monday, is the first big sales weekend of the year. With auto sales coming off their January lull, manufacturers and dealerships are offering holiday-related discounts on some of their inventory.

Love and money have a lot in common: Both are hard to come by, hard to hold onto and hard to mix with the other. "Money runs much deeper for us than simple mathematics," says Megan Ford, a financial therapist at the University of Georgia and president of the Financial Therapy Association. "When you're talking about couples, you've got two highly individualized and personal sets of beliefs, backgrounds and baggage to navigate. That can get complex quickly."

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