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In theory, personal finance shouldn’t be gender-specific, but in fact women tend to face some unique challenges when it comes to managing their money and maintaining a financially stable household. With that in mind, resources that focus on women and these unique financial challenges they face can be helpful when you’re trying to create effective plans for your own life.

Spring is just about here and that means it’s time for spring cleaning. Beyond simply cleaning your house, this is a great opportunity to get your financial paperwork in order. Keeping sufficient records and updated copies of important paperwork is vital to your financial wellbeing. In the event of an emergency, having important papers organized is just as important as having an emergency savings fund.

Saving for college before funding retirement seems like a no-brainer for new parents. When a new baby is born, you may think, “College is only 18 years away, while retirement is way down the line!” You may even think you’ll never retire at all, so why worry about it now? You certainly don’t want your kids burdened with student loans like you were. This knee-jerk reaction could pose problems later. Regardless of your gut instinct, saving for retirement comes first. You may be wondering why a financial planner is discouraging new parents from saving for college — aren’t planners always telling people to save for their goals? Not when it comes at the expense of their own retirement. Here’s why you should prioritize saving for retirement over saving for your children’s college education.

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