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If you're in the market for a new car, there are more than a few dealerships that would be happy to help you over the next few days. The three-day weekend, capped by President's Day on Monday, is the first big sales weekend of the year. With auto sales coming off their January lull, manufacturers and dealerships are offering holiday-related discounts on some of their inventory.

Love and money have a lot in common: Both are hard to come by, hard to hold onto and hard to mix with the other. "Money runs much deeper for us than simple mathematics," says Megan Ford, a financial therapist at the University of Georgia and president of the Financial Therapy Association. "When you're talking about couples, you've got two highly individualized and personal sets of beliefs, backgrounds and baggage to navigate. That can get complex quickly."

Better buckle up. Volatility is back on Wall Street. Monday brought a massive selloff with the Dow dropping a record 1,175 points. At Tuesday's opening bell, it dropped another 567 points, but recovered and ended the day up 567 points Tuesday afternoon. The wild gyrations can be scary for individual investors, particularly those that haven't been investing very long, and aren't used to seeing stocks go anywhere but up. But that doesn't mean you should be spooked out of getting into the market.

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